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Catering Equipment Guides

Catering Essential are experts at providing a comprehensive range of catering, bar and cleaning supplies throughout the country. We stock many well known brands to ensure you get the very best quality products for you business, which will withstand the rigours of this industry. You can get everything you need for your restaurant, bar, catering or hospitality business all in one place, and to make it even easier we also offer next day delivery on orders placed before 12 noon.

Take a look at our guides below to find out more about our catering equipment, and if you have any questions please get in touch with a member of our team.

Utopia Glassware

We stock an extensive selection of Utopia glassware to ensure there's glassware to suit your dining or drinking style. Utopia glassware combines durability and design to produce attractive glassware which can cope with industry use. 

Utopia Crockery

Find a comprehensive selection of Utopia Crockery here at Catering Essential, all available to purchase online. Browse through the Titan, Anton Black Fine China and Pure White ranges to find crockery which meets the specifications of your catering business. 

Bar Supplies

We specialise in providing a wide choice of bar supplies for you to choose from including accessories, equipment, spirit dispensers, stand & brackets and more. All of our bar supplies are available to purchase online and we offer a fast and efficient delivery service throughout the country. 

Hotel Crockery

Here at Catering Essential we specialise in providing supplies and equipment for the catering and hospitality industries. We stock a wide selection of hotel crockery, specifically designed to meet the demands of hotel dining. Browse our full range online. 

Cleaning Supplies

We stock a comprehensive array of cleaning supplies to help keep your business spotless. Browse through a wide range of cleaning chemicals, cleaning equipment, pest control, waste management, washroom products and more. 

Kentucky Mops

Catering Essential are a proud supplier of Kentucky Mops, a leading manufacturer of industry standard mops and accessories. We stock many different types and colours to give you the ultimate choice to choose from. 

Cereal Dispensers

Make serving breakfast even easier with our range of juice and cereal dispensers, available in different sizes and configurations dependant on the requirements of your business.

Chef Knives

 Knives are one of the most important pieces of equipment for your chefs. We stock many renowned brands of chef knives specifically designed for use in a professional kitchen. 

Anti Slip Trays

Serving Baskets